BBC Bristol is occupied by friends of Gaza

Supporters and friends of Gaza have set up camp outside BBC Bristol’s HQ on Whiteladies Road. The protesters claim the news corporations lack of coverage of the country/worldwide anti-Israel protests taking place is an attempt to gain sympathy for the Israelis; while the news giants general reporting of the conflict has been done with an overriding partiality.

One banner accused the BBC of being biased, while the other questioned the moral-conscience of those reporting on the crisis, proclaiming, “You can hide from us but not your conscience.” It is widely believed that the BBC has been withholding evidence that would prove the criminality of the actions of the Israeli army during the most recent acts that have terrorised Gaza. This lack of transparency has already marred the BBC’s journalistic integrity, and could seriously blight their credibility as an international press office in the future.


The Bristol based camp might be small in number but the protesters  presence is being echoed across the world, with supporters of Gaza coming together to express their abomination of the Israeli National Army, or better defined as Israeli terrorists.


The world is shaken by the antics of the Israeli army, and this includes a number of Israeli’s.  The barrage of attacks on the ever decreasing piece of land the Palestinian people are forced to call home, has already claimed too many lives. Children are not exempt as the death toll of the young continues to mount, at the same time whole families are being wiped out.


The authenticity of the ‘biased’ BBC reports have been put under intense scrutiny. It is harder than ever to trust the BBC as an institution if in an instance of war, they are unable to remain neutral -then the very essence of their journalistic objectives will diminish

The BBC will unlikely report on the protests outside its Bristol offices and its other centers across the UK. Just like it claimed only 10,000 people marched for Gaza in London last Saturday; the actual figure by all accounts was closer to 100,000 strong.

The BBC is duty bound to impart news impartially, but in its apparent failures to broadcast recent events such as the true extent of the anti-Israel demonstrations across the globe, or to portray a rounded picture of what is taking place between the warring factions and the bombardment of the Israeli army, they have isolated themselves from scores of people who refuse to accept the BBC’s version of these events.

Changing channels

People, more than ever, are going to question with what objectives the BBC relay ‘news’? Raising the next question, if the BBC are not intent on maintaining transparency, then what is their agenda?

Extract from Huffington post

On a visit to the region, he (Philip Hammond) told Sky News that his clear message to Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was “as the campaign goes on and civilian casualties mount, western public opinion is becoming more and more concerned and less sympathetic to Israel”.

This ‘sympathy’ that Hammond refers to has been entirely garnered by very biased reporting of western news portals. 

Where is Julian Assange when you need him?



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