Harbourside Festival Bristol, 2014

The defiantly contrary weather that ranged from incredibly sunny (and muggy) with definite periods of sun-bathing potential, to electrical storms and gloomy sky’s  could not stop Bristolian’s basking in the celebrations of the annual Harbourside Festival 2014 over the weekend.

The event took place all around Bristol’s historic Harbourside offering a wild display of fireworks, dancing, singing, music, acrobatics, food, atmosphere and more besides. If you didn’t join in the revelry, why not?! You missed out on a treat that was sure to lift the damp spirit of anyone who was unwittingly caught in a wild summer rain shower.

We attended Queen’s square Friday evening, where an eclectic and quirky line-up entertained the packed green. Outside the main square, a number of food stalls were wafting their smells luring the crowds to wander their way, who would only be flummoxed by the wide choice offered. After considering several tempting options, such as fried Chinese chicken dumplings, ‘Eastern’ noodles, flame-grilled kebabs, we finally opted for an Italian burger and hot dog served in a ciabatta bun with cheese, onions and jalapenos.It was so-so, and almost immediately I wished I had gone for the dumplings-argh well, next time.

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The entire event from Friday through to Sunday was free, and if you found yourself watching your pennies or simply preferred not to be charge £5 for a pint of beer, then you along with the vast majority of revelers would have headed to a local off-license or supermarket to stock up on your own supply. There were stalls with enticing displays of paraphernalia, plenty of jewellery, nick-nacks from across the globe and a number of flower head-wreaths that have become an inherent part of female festival attire: a little touch of the sixties.

Sunday was equally inspiring with acrobats swinging their stuff on College Green. Hoards of people filled the space, and the surroundings were filled with food and craft stalls that filled the path just opposite the Cathedral.

We didn’t attend Saturday therefore cannot relay anything about it. But by all accounts, the whole weekend was great fun for family and friends alike.


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